Top ten of 20 mistakes he did while trading stock – Part 1 of 2 (Real-life Event)

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This is a real-life story, happened between January 2020 and July 2020.  After his portfolio went down about 60%, he decided to write down the mistakes that prevented him making money and even losing big. After that, whatever happened he avoided every line he noted on his phone. 

 ** Since then his portfolio grew about 1000% from below 60%. He even didn’t add any more money when his portfolio was down.  

Here are the mistakes he did and later avoided while trading:

  1. Buying top loser stock. Thinking it will bounce back soon
  1. Chasing high price without catalyst 
  1. Buying High 
  1. Chasing High When Catalyst already met 
  1. Going All in. No $ for average down!! 
  1.  Didn’t wait until lunch for deep while buying 
  1. Not selling PM After solid green 
  1. Not following current market trend 
  1. No stop loss for sudden offering 
  1. Going too down but still holding 

To be continued…

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